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This scene is one of my favorite scenes that I have ever filmed. The director, Rafael Lara gave me the freedom to create the character. Just before we were about to start filming he asked me “What would your character do in a situation like this?” With the help of Natalia Ramirez, one of the most generous actresses I have had the pleasure of  working with, we came up with this idea and the director set up and shot the scene . Al Filo de la Ley was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I’ve been involved with. I’m glad I had the chance to be a part of it.

Al Filo De la Ley, Episode # 8

There have been multiple versions of my demo since I created my first demo reel a couple of years ago. This is my current one, I hope you enjoy it.

My Demo

Drama Demo Reel
Demo Reel

A Days Work Trailer

Winner of 14 film festival awards including the Student Academy Award (The Oscars) for 2008. It was a great experience.

Theater Performances

Even though I know that filming theater scenes always take some of the magic away, It is important for me to include it because my passion for acting started on a theater stage. I owe a lot to Theater.